Bamboo car seat cushion 1 pack front seat

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Bamboo car seat cushion

We use many years of growing bamboo to produce it. It has breathable, cool, no grease, no fade, no curl, it is the best product in the summer festival. Anti - static. Anti - breaking. Strong air permeability. Good water resistance. It is beneficial to the maintenance of human skin.Soft, it has to absorb carbon dioxide, purify the air, promote the role of metabolism. The surface of our bamboo cushions is carbonized. Bamboo silk after cooking treatment, soft mat is not easy to break, not raw Pisuke, edge neat, beautiful color, weaving tight bar, durable, and can heat sweat. Designed to attach easily to any chair, the seat Cushion provides a stress free all day comfort at work. From For more cushion products please visit car seat cushion

1 pack Size: Front seat: 45cm x 45cm

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