Buckwheat Hulls Car Seat Covers Anti-skid Ventilated Breathable

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We use the best buckwheat hulls to fill the car seat covers. It is pollution-free, pure, odorless, chemical-free, green and eco-friendly. The flexible buckwheat hulls form a cellular structure inside the cushion. It is ventilated, breathable, moistureproof and anti-acarid, can be used in four seasons and relieve hip pain and stuffiness as a result of long-time driving.

The shape of buckwheat hull car seat covers can be adjusted automatically, making it more comfortable and suitable for the needs of different groups. After being used for a period, according to the driver’s weight and physique, buckwheat hulls can move slowly within the covers, thus changing the shape and relieving fatigue and pain.

Suninbox adopts all natural cotton and linen fabrics. Natural cotton and linen fabrics can breathe freely and absorb sweat. They are warm in winter, cool in summer and can be close-fit to your body. The PH value is acid. It has no stimulation to skin and meets requirements for environmental protection and human health. Using an overall horizontal line fixing 3D design, it won’t affect the use of function buttons on one side of the seat, or the use of safety belt buckle.

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