While buying car seat cushions, many friends have a doubt about whether sizes of seat cushion are universal and think whether the seat cushions they buy are fit with their cars, for there are so many car brands in the market. Suninbox-branded seat cushion will help you to solve the problem. Suninbox is a professional manufacturer of seat cushions. We have 8-year experience in the industry. Our products include: leather seat cushions, bamboo charcoal seat cushions, silk seat cushions, memory foam seat cushions, back cushions and auto pillows. We will provide perfect services, including universal seat cushions and personally tailored seat cushions. For each consumer, we apply one-to-one marketing model and ensure every consumer to be satisfied with our pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

1. Universal Suninbox car seat cushions

No matter which model of car is purchased by you, seat cushions are finally installed to seats. At present, the sizes of seat cushions are more or less the same. Therefore, current seat cushions on market are mostly universal.

2. Tailored car seat cushions

Of course, Car seat cushions may be tailored and the tailoring service is mainly offered for friends who have high requirements on seat cushions. One-to-one service is basically applied for such friends. But these cushions are not put into large scale production. For tailoring seat cushions, you need to offer data including sizes of seats concerning length, width, height, model and materials. Of course, tailored seat cushions are more expensive than that of universal ones and it also takes a long time to make them. From www.suninbox.us For more information, please visit: Car Seat Cushion