The Suninbox brand of Car Seat Cushion has gone through dry distillation in high temperature, and then it is filled in the auto seat. It can absorb formaldehyde, CO, and CO2, and it can also purify the air and improve environment in the vehicle, which has health protection role to human body.

In recent years, people have deeper understanding of functions of bamboo charcoal in deodorization, moisture proofing and sterilization, so every vehicle should be equipped with it. We have designed bamboo charcoal auto cushion which has the function of Bamboo charcoal. It can bring drivers with comfort, health and enjoyment. The moment that safe driving is realized is the time we feel most proud of.

With the emergence of slogans such as health and environmental protection, the market of auto cushion has gone through many changes because of popularity of bamboo fiber products.

1, Car Seat Cushion contains bamboo charcoal fiber materials which can promote the circulation of blood and health of people.
2, Car Seat Cushion can release anion, and it is durable. It can also drive worms and curb bacteria, which has significance to people’s health.
3, The wave length of far infrared ray produced by bamboo charcoal is 7-14lm which is similar to the wave length of far infrared ray in human body. When human bodies approach bamboo charcoal, the harmonious resonance of far infrared raycan promote circulation of blood and metabolism, and eliminate tiredness.

4, The bamboo charcoal has excellent air permeability, and it can release far infrared ray. It can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and help eliminate fatigue. It has supporting effects in curing haemorrhoids, back pain and ischialgia. At the same time, its absorption function and anion can eliminate odor, and improve air quality. It is quite suitable for people who use chairs, auto seats and sofa in a long and continuous time.