Introduction of bamboo charcoal car seat cushion

Bamboo charcoal car seat cushion refer to car mats filled with bamboo charcoal particles. These bamboo charcoal particles are obtained from high-temperature carbonization. They can absorb formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other noxious gases in the car, purify the air and improve the environment in the car. They are good for the people.
Bamboo charcoal are made from alpine bamboo which lives for over five years. Alpine bamboo is fired to a kind of carbon under over 1000℃. Based on experts' demonstration, the loose structure of bamboo charcoal has the following physicochemical property: its specific surface area reaches 300-600 square meters/g (equal to a tennis court); it has the strong adsorption capacity. Especially, it can purify the indoor air, including deodorization, damp proof, odor elimination, since the bamboo charcoal has the adsorption decomposition ability and anion release ability. It can also produce anions and extreme infrared, purify air and water, absorb moisture and adjust humidity.
1. Bamboo charcoal car seat cushion contain bamboo charcoal fibers, and they can contribute to blood circulation as well as human health.
2. Bamboo charcoal car seat cushion can release anions, are stain-resistant, expel parasite and inhibit the bacteria. It has great significance for people’s health care.
3. Extreme infrared produced by bamboo charcoal has 7-14lm of wave length. It is similar to human extreme infrared wave length, 8-12lm. When people are close to bamboo charcoal, harmonious resonance of extreme infrared shall contribute to blood circulation as well as metabolism and eliminate fatigue.
4. Bamboo charcoal has good ventilation, releases extreme infrared, contributes to blood contribution and metabolism, helps to eliminate fatigue, is effective in treating haemorrhoids, back pain, sciatic nerve pain etc. At the same time, its absorption function and its anion release can remove odor, improve air quality. It is suitable for chairs, car seats and sofas in a long service. From suninbox more information please visit car seat cushion