What is bamboo charcoal car seat cushion? Which one is better?

The bamboo charcoal car seat cushion that we often talk is actually the seat cushion taken bamboo charcoal as stuffing and this kind of car seat cushion is mainly classified as health care car seat cushion. The raw material of bamboo charcoal is the high mountain moso bamboo and made by firing at high temperatures. It has strong adsorption effect because of its loose and porous physical structure and can remove humility, deodorization and peculiar smell for long-term use. Bamboo charcoal car seat cushion can purify the air inside the car, for example, the absorption of some commonly-seen toxic and harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, etc.

How to purchase the best bamboo charcoal car seat cushion?

1. Brand. It is very important to choose a good brand. Good brands have good comments and good reputations so that the products are trustworthy. Suninbox is a company specializing in the production and sale of car seats cushions and accessories. We have strict quality inspection department and can guarantee each product is qualified before delivering to customers. Our service feature is one to one marketing model. No matter agent or terminal client, there will be a dedicated staff to serve you.

2. Design. Detail determines success or failure. A good design should have elegant appearance, safety, practicability, and detailed design. The most important thing is safety, for example, if the design of bamboo charcoal car seat cushion takes the location of the airbag into consideration, and the design of seat cushion can not shield supplementary restraint system. The most important thing for bamboo charcoal car seat cushion is to absorb harmful gases and to keep fresh air in the car. Therefore, absorption efficiency can be guaranteed when sufficient area of bamboo charcoal and air are guaranteed.

3. Details. The car cushion should be equipped with installation mode that is anti-skidding and non-binding with the position of safety belt buckle reserved. The bamboo charcoal bag of Suninbox Car seat cushion is disassembling and easy to clean.