There are many varieties of car seat cushion in the marketplace. It is always difficult to make a choice when we are buying it. It is very difficult to decide which product is suitable for the consumer. There are five kinds of car cushions that are common in the market. The details on each category is covered in the below sections.

  1. Ice silk Car seat cushion. the main raw material of ice milk is natural cotton, and then is refined with scientific technique. The main material of Suninbox ice silk auto pillow is ice silk. Ice silk is made from the natural cotton with scientific refinement, which has the features of good air permeability, automatically humidifying, low sunlight warming and others. The price of ice silk fabric is also more expensive. Suninbox uses the best ice silk fabric to produce the cushion, so all the products are inexpensive. Four Seasons General is its features.
  2. Bamboo car set cushion. There are two categories, One is bamboo after high temperature carbonation on the surface, The other is ordinary bamboo after polishing. Bacteria are hard to breed on the cushion which one is through high temperature carbonation. Cool, not breeding mites is its characteristic. But it can only be used in the summer.
  3. Memory cotton car cushion. Memory foam has the feature of slowing deformation, after deforming by external force, it will recover slowly. That is to say, material has a character of both viscosity and elastic, absorbing impact kinetic energy, then it can be used overlay and won’t get permanent deformation. Suninbox car seat cushion adopts superior memory foam. High quality memory foam used for making Sunibox has functions of absorbing impact force, relieving pains caused by fatigue. Rebound speed of memory deformation is slow, usually above 10s. Moreover, it is featured by fungi-proofing, resisting mites, ventilation and moisture absorption.
  4. Leather car seat cushion. It is a traditional cushion. It can protect the car seat to prevent being scratched. Beautiful design is its most prominent feature. Maintenance and cleaning are very troublesome. The price is the most expensive, so only a few people choose it.
  5. Smart massage cushion. This cushion is suitable for long-term driving people. For example, truck drivers, taxi drivers and so on. It has a traditional Chinese massage function, which uses car power supply. from More product details please visit car seat cushion