Car Neck pillow is an interior article of the car made of cotton material and installed at the neck position of seat, which can be used as car decoration article, and to effectively supply neck support and remove driving fatigue.

Suninbox Neck pillow for car can make the head of the driver adjust 15-20°, avoid causing entrapment of jugular vein and relieve fatigue so that it is beneficial for safe driving. In driving, the driver usually pays attention to one direction all the time, which is easy to cause spasm of cervical muscles and symptoms like slight dislocation of cervical vertebra occurring to cervical joint, headache, dizziness, insomnia, amnesia, hypopsia, wry neck, back pain and lacking in strength. Under severe situation, it may cause paraplegia and difficult breathing and even endanger life. One of the simplest methods to solve these problems is to buy a neck pillow of car, which can be used to relieve 30% pressure of neck.

Suninbox neck pillow for car is made of memory foam and silk.

High quality memory foam used for making Sunibox has functions of absorbing impact force, relieving pains caused by fatigue. Rebound speed of memory deformation is slow, usually above 10s. Moreover, it is featured by fungi-proofing, resisting mites, ventilation and moisture absorption.

In order to relieve neck pressure of a driver and lower injuries of head and neck in collision, neck twist must be controlled within the smallest range. Well-designed and correctly-installed car neck pillow of particularly important. As the passengers are of different heights, the range of adjusting headrest is also different.

1. Correctly adjust angle of the body and the seat and make the back upright as far as possible. The flat angle between the neck and the body will lower neck pressure and relieve neck fatigue.

2. The distance of after-brain to headrest should be as small as possible, with 4cm at most, so that it will relieve the neck in case of collision occurring.

3. Correctly adjust the height of headrest. Headrest should be installed at the place parallel with the up edge of ear or about 8.89cm below the head of passengers. After adjusting headrest well, it needs to fix headrest solidly and ensure it not to shake.

4. Protection effect of fixed headrest is far better than that of adjustable headrest.

5. It is better to also install headrests for back row seats of a car. from

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