Carbonized Leather Car Seat Covers Ice Silk Four Seasons General

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If you want to buy 2Pack Front car seat covers,please choose 2Pack Tab,you will save 10% of the cost. You will receive your order after 10-13 days,When you order this car seat covers.

The car seat covers adopt carbonized Leather. It can absorb formaldehyde, CO, and CO2, and it can also purify the air and improve environment in the vehicle, which has health protection role to human body.

Adopts 3D honeycomb ice silk fabrics. We adopt unique honeycomb knit fabrics, which is superior to other cloths. Ice silk seat covers is scientifically refined from natural cotton, it has good air permeability, automatic humidifying, slow sunshine warming and other features.

The carbonized Leather car seat covers which can promote the circulation of blood and health of people.The car cover can release anion, and it is durable. It can also drive worms and curb bacteria, which has significance to people’s health.

In recent years, people have deeper understanding of functions of bamboo charcoal in deodorization, moisture proofing and sterilization, so every vehicle should be equipped with it. We have designed bamboo leather car seat covers which has the function of Bamboo charcoal. It can bring drivers with comfort, health and enjoyment. The moment that safe driving is realized is the time we feel most proud of.

Car Seat covers Specification:
Material:"Ice silk" fiber and Bamboo Leather
Package Includes: 1 Pcs x Beige Front Car Seat covers
Appropriate Season: Four Seasons General
Car Model: 99% of the car models can be used
Front Seat Size: 20.08*20.08 inches
Notice: The measurement may have 0.39-1.18 inch inaccurate errors.

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