Velveteen Car Seat Covers,Breathable Seat covers for car

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Car Seat Covers Specification:
Surface material: Velveteen
Inner material: Velveteen
Package Includes: 1 Pcs X Black Front Car seat covers
Size: 18.9*18.90 inches
Thickness: 0.9~1.2cm
Notice: The measurement may have 0.39-1.18 inch inaccurate errors.

These car seat covers are made of high-quality velveteen fabric. Velveteen features warm in winter and cool in summer, making it suitable for all seasons. Velveteen seat cushions are drivers’ favorite due to their exceptional properties such as breathable, soft, anti-allergy, easy to clean, and anti-pilling, etc.

Three-dimensional embroidery technique is adopted for the upscale 3D rhombic-shaped grids during the production of seat covers, which can help to create a simple and elegant environment in your car. The soft feel and natural color of velveteen can make your driving environment comfortable. 

Cotton car seat covers can hold temperature and keep you warm in the winter. In the summer, it can also be absorbent, breathable, comfortable and unstuffy. With our humanized details and carriage bag design, this product is more chic and easy to use. 

Antiskid silica gel dots designed on the back of the covers have strong skid resistance to make sure that the car seat covers can attach to the car seat tightly without slip or deformation, so that you can drive comfortably. Seat belt jacks reserved for the backseats make it convenient and safer to use. Carriage bags are also designed for the backseats to facilitate children. 

The edge covering is neat and exquisite without thread residue. The inner core is fluffy and the whole product is beautiful and elegant. High-quality velveteen fabric has fine texture and is wear-resistant and dirt-proof, easy to clean, and breathable. 

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